conversation at the salon

if in the right mindset, even a haircut can segway into a very interesting conversation about sustainable living and growing cherry tomatoes in your lanai (hawaiian for veranda).

seoul, the capital of south korea, is filled with high rise apartments.

the skyline of this city consists of many a green moutains and forests of high rise apartments. any hiker would kill to come and live here. i think. as i see many middle aged and older korean ajussis and ahjoomas (korean words for men and women in the middle age-almost retired age range) wearing their well selected hiking gear and uniforms all over the city.  SAN. that’s mountain.

but overpopulation! overcrowdedness! and not enough land of course. i’m here with a mission, i think…to get people to grow more food!

so far, after some lazy research, i located ONE ‘community garden’ in the city. Songpa-gu area, where my mother’s parents live, is home to the city’s first organic garden project titled ‘sol-i tut bat 솔이텃밭‘ (i need to learn how to romanize korean words) in collaboration with seoul green trust. the project launched right before the humid summer hit korea.

i am extremely enthusiastic and excited about this. as well as the fact that my hairdresser grows peppers, cherry tomatoes and lettuce in the small veranda of her small apartment. horray!

let the green guerilla movement in seoul begin…slowly and surely.

guerrilla gardening in tokyo…


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