guerilla seedbombs

utne‘s got some cool articles. including the one i read today about seedbomb gumball machines started by Greenaid. (read more about it)

“Seedbombs are little eco-grenades packed with seeds and compost—lob one of them into a vacant lot, cram it into a crack in the sidewalk, or leave it in a neglected public park, and in a few days watch for a green explosion of regionally-tailored wildflowers and grasses.”


as i was walking to the subway station in my neighborhood, dobong-san, i saw about 7-10 middle aged ajussi’s armed each with a palette knife looking tool all scraping off grass and weeds growing between the cracks of concrete bricks on the ground! you know, this kind of stuff:

😦 i guess they’re trying to keep the roadway clean and aesthetically pleasant, and when i asked my grandma why there aren’t as many people farming around the neighborhood, she replied that the city government doesn’t want people growing food in the city because it makes the city look ‘bad’…

but to whom?


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