problem of packaging but at least recycling?

packaging is not a problem in seoul. almost everything is packaged. i realized this when i passed by one ‘Paris Baguette‘ bakery chain store. so many of the breads are pre-packaged. i guess it has to do with hygiene but also for presentation.

in the supermarkets, most of the vegetables are pre-packaged as well. i experienced some difficulties in finding herbs such as basil or cilantro. there does not seem to be a high demand. when i finally found some in the supermarket in Lotte department store, the basil was packaged in plastic boxes. only about 14 small leaves contained.

on the other hand, i’ve never lived in another country that has a better system of recycling than korea. everything needs to be 분리수거’d. plastics, paper, foil, food waste, cans, newspapers, milk cartons you name it.


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