it’s gonna be …

it’s gonna be spring time soon! and i’ve been really away from this blog. the winter is not a time to be planting anyhow, winter is that time to hibernate and digest the bountiful fruits of the earth which we consumed aplenty in the fall. all that digesting will store away the good nutrients and energy cos we gon’ need it through the cold. we need all that energy to generate heat to keep ourselves warm. if we do it right, winter can be a very glorious and enlightening time to reflect and prepare for the next cycle of seasons!

so it’s february.

what will we do this year for farming?

last year: weekend farm at Dobong-san successfully planted, grown and harvested! LOTS of lettuce, korean pepper, zucchini, spinach (which seeded pretty quickly unfortunately…better luck this year!), beets (will plant more! turned out soooo yummy and beautifully wine red! love the color of those beets ^^), swiss chard, bell peppers,


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